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Will You Be Mentally Ready To Dominate Your League?

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The Ultimate Mental Performance System

Rewire the way you think and feel -> Play at your TRUE ABILITY

  • Think Like a Star NHL Player

    We have studied hundreds of NHL and pro players and developed a framework to develop your own mindset based on how the best in the game think

  • Play Free Of Fear and Doubt

    This course works to unwire your subconscious patterns of fear and doubt using the latest in Psychology, neuroscience, persuasion, and hypnosis

  • Always Have a Reset Button

    Leave with a technique that you can use to reset the mind anytime in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Love The Game Again

    When you unwire all of the past bull**** in your subconscious mind, you will find a new love for the game that few get to experience

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Learn More About The Superstar Identity System

Khole Hibbert 9 (NAHL lll All-Star)

"I went from being a player that was very nervous and anxious before and during games to being a player that is relaxed, performing well, and simply having fun competing out on the ice.”

“This course has helped give me the piece of mind knowing that I’m doing everything in my power to make sure my mental game is sound. The goal through the course has been to maximize my physical playing ability by having as little restrictions as possible on a mental level. This course continues to help me do that. I went from being a player that was very nervous and anxious before and during games to being a player that is relaxed, performing well, and simply having fun competing out on the ice.”

The System

30 Days To Fully Unlock Your Performance

  • 1

    Module 1: Welcome Player Identity Creator

    • 1.1 Course Walk Through
  • 2

    Module 2: Foundations (Day 1)

    • 2.1 How This Module Works
    • 2.2 Introduction
    • 2.3 Introduction Questions
    • 2.4 Setting The Foundations
    • 2.5 Join The Group!
    • 2.6 Making This Course Work For You
    • 2.7 The Long Term Player
    • 2.8 The Long Term Player Questions
  • 3

    Module 3: The Master Keys To The Mind (Day 2 - 8)

    • 3.1 Meditation In A Nutshell (Headspace)
    • 3.2 Meditation (Opening The Door)
    • 3.3 The Monkey Mind (Headspace)
    • 3.4 The Techniques
    • 3.5 The Techniques (Slideshow)
    • 3.6 Thinking > Doing > Being By Dr. Joe Dispenza
    • 3.7 How Mental Programming Works
    • 3.8 Meditations Toolbox
  • 4

    Module 4: Prepping To Remove Emotional Blockages (Day 9 - 12)

    • 4.1 Distinguishing Your Player Persona
    • 4.2 Stories
    • 4.3 The Toughest Addiction To Overcome
    • 4.4 Superstars vs. Closers vs. Coolers
  • 5

    Module 5: Emotional Removal (Day 13 - 20)

    • 5.1 Identifying Current Blockages
    • 5.2 Identifying Current Blockages (Slideshow)
    • 5.3 Admitting And Declaring
    • 5.4 The Power Of Surrendering
    • 5.5 Adding To Your Meditation
    • Programming State Guided Session
  • 6

    Module 6: Emotional Creation (Day 21 - 30)

    • 6.1 Playing The Change Game
    • 6.2 Designing Your Programs
    • 6.3 Identity Program Analysis - Mitch Marner
    • 6.4 Installing The New Program
    • 6.5 Installing The New Program (Slideshow)
    • 6.6 Taking It To The Next Level
    • So Whats Next After The Player Identity Creator Course?
  • 7

    Module 7: Guided Session Toolbox

    • 7.1 Game Day Sessions - At Home
    • 7.2 Non-Game Day Sessions - At Home
    • 7.3 Pregame Performance Hypnosis - At The Rink
  • 8

    Module 8: Custom Player Programming Sessions

    • Joshua
  • 9

    #6 Pregame Hypnosis Tapes

    • How to Use the Pregame Hypnosis Tapes
    • Pregame Hypnosis - High Energy
    • Pregame Hypnosis - Complete Confidence
    • Pregame Hypnosis - Intensity / Aggression
    • Pregame Hypnosis - Joy & Excitement
  • 10

    #7 Hockey Recharge Course

    • Post Game Quick Recovery Session 1 - BREATH RELAX
    • Post Game Quick Recovery Session 2 - BODY RELAX
    • Deep Sleep Tape 1 - Body Guided Relaxation + Deep Identity Programming


  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    This course will take just 30 days to rewire your subconscious mind. But it can be done at a slower pace if players want to go deeper in some sections or take some breaks.

  • When is the best time to start this course?

    We recommend starting this program 6 weeks out from your next seasons tryouts or camp. This will give adequate time to rewire your new mental programs... That said, we have seen many clients get great results starting early in the offseason, along with several different points in the hockey season. Now is the best time to start because the earlier in your career these principles are absorbed, the earlier they will transform your game!

  • How much time will this course take me each day?

    The course is designed to take about 20 minutes per day 5 times a week. Keep in mind this program is designed by hockey players -> for hockey players. We understand how busy your schedule gets and have designed a flexible course that fits perfectly into your life.

  • Why is this course at a premium price?

    When you look at an iPhone, what makes it worth over $1500? There are many factors, but mainly because it helps you operate at a higher level. It is simple, sleek, and fun to use. That is what we created with this program: a tool that helps you operate on a higher level, that is simple, sleek, and fun to use. Like Apple, we also actually use our product to improve our hockey performance so we know it works and we know how to improve it.

  • What are the main tools you teach in the course?

    First of all, we teach you the mental tools to understand the mind. We then cover mediation and entering a dream state. We then teach you how to rewire your subconscious mind. This includes the removal of unwanted emotional and thought patterns and much more.

  • What is an audio program and how do you use it in the program?

    An audio program is a guided audio session where one of our Professional Identity Coaches guides you through some sort of mental process. In the program, we have guided meditations, guided dream state inductions, guided mental programming sessions, and several more all laid out through the course as you learn the concepts. The idea is to mix principles with practice in and make reprogramming your subconscious mind easy.

  • Why is this different than working with a sports psychologist?

    This program is not designed to be a sports psychology program. Our experts focus on bringing in teachings from several different disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, persuasion, meditation, martial arts, and more to provide a completely new approach to the mind. This program is like nothing you have done before and will leave you with a unique mental toolbox that no sports psychologist is teaching.