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Why The Identity System Is The Future

We focus on bringing self awareness about what kind of player we intend to be and then build an Identity System around it

  • ESTABLISH DESIRED IDENTITY FIRST --- (what most trainers miss)

  • BUILD MENTAL SKILLS TO PERFORM AT DESIRED LEVEL --- (usually a neglected area of development)

  • BUILD A IDENTITY PERFORMANCE STRATEGY THAT COVERS ALL OF THE PILLARS OF PERFORMANCE --- (most trainers don't focus on the whole picture, rather they skip out on several aspects)

  • DEVELOP AT AN ACCELERATED RATE WITH PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY COACHING --- (done in a community of driven players all helping and learning from each others mistakes)

Maximize Your Hockey Skill Set

With the latest mental technology

  • Weekly Masterminds

    Skyrocket your performance with weekly Performance Coaching mastermind calls. Spend an 1+ hour discussing the latest hockey development techniques. Get feedback on your questions and video and much more.

  • Video Lessons

    Each course has several video lessons breaking down the various mental and physical techniques that will take you to the next level.

  • Constantly Evolving Material

    Every week we are working to add new courses and extra details for each course. Like you, we believe that there is always room to Evolve our game!

  • Exclusive Micro-Lessons (Weekly)

    Every week our coaches put together new micro lessons bringing you bite-sized information on the latest research to push your game forward.

  • Unlock Every Identity 2.0 Course

    When you join the Membership, you get access to all of our content with no additional fee.

Identity Pillars of Performance

Here is everything we cover in our Identity System in making sure that no pillar is left unchecked

  • Meditation/Focus/Concentration

  • Visualization/Mental Practice

  • Confidence/Emotional Programming

  • Decision Making and Neurolink Training

  • Breath Mechanics

  • Hockey Sense/Awareness and Visual Ability

  • Video Analysis

  • Breath Mechanics/CO2 Tolerance

  • On-Ice Speed/Mechanics

  • Off-Ice Speed/Power/Strength/Conditioning


  • What the heck is a Player Identity?

    The Player Identity is the player you truly see yourself to be deep down on a subconscious level. Most players have been programmed by past coaches, teammates, parents, etc who have convinced them they are not good enough, or they will never be great. This builds a massive mental block because this person feels trapped in the past Identity. In our system, we break you out of this mental trap that has been set by others and free you to perform at your best while training for the greatest future vision of yourself. This makes playing hockey at your best both fulfilling and fun!

  • What are coaching calls like?

    Each week we work through all of the questions that have been asked in the mastermind community and then we work with our clients live on the coaching calls with their burning questions. We finish each session with actionable steps and information to give their development rocket fuel!

  • What is a Micro-Lesson? How often do members get these?

    This is a 5-10 minute condensed lesson where we share exclusive teaching on our latest performance research. Perfect for fitting into your busy schedule! We post these at least once a week.

  • What is included in the membership?

    With your subscription, you will receive weekly coaching calls, access to all of the Identity 2.0 training/courses, Access to the Facebook Mastermind.

  • What if I want to cancel the membership?

    If you decide that you are not the perfect fit for the program, you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked by emailing our support team.

  • What amount of time do I need to commit to this each week?

    You can put as much time as you would like. The courses are all go-at-your own pace, the weekly coaching calls are optional, the entire system was built by dedicated hockey players for dedicated hockey players!

Start Today - Dominate Tomorrow

Build your customized identity 2.0 training system

If you are a driven player looking to max out your potential, you have found the place built for you! Start today and begin your Hockey Identity 2.0 journey!
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